Yukina Amatertusa

Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji):
Japanese name (kana):
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: January 17th

Other attributes:

Affiliation: Daiki Sora
World user: Sosa World

Spirit from Another World, Marie




Minor attributes:

Other names: Maid-chan

Yukina Amaterusa is the upcoming Recurring character in the story/fanfic, Future Card Buddyfight!: Unite! Her buddy monster is Spirit from Another World, Marie and she uses Sosa World

Appearence Edit

Shes is a blonde beauty with slender legs, Slender hips and rich blond hair.She is tall and supple as most men flock to her beauty.



Yukina does not have any magic powers but is able to clean houses, cook food, and is a pretty good maid to Daiki. While Daiki is somewhat embarassed that a beautiful maid is at his beckon call, Yukina will do anything to make Daiki happy.

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