You interest me

—Tsukomo Yasagatsu

Tsukomo Yasagtasu

Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji):
Japanese name (kana):
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: 12/7/2015

Other attributes:

Affiliation: Disaster
World user: Darkness Dragon World
Buddy: Helles Knight, Iblis
False Knight of the Apocalypse, Iblis
Items: Decks

Minor attributes:

Friends: Kyoya Gaen
Tasuku Ryuenji
Other names: The Child of Darkness

Tsukomo Yasagatsu is an antagonist in Future Card Buddyfight. He uses Darkness Dragon World and his buddy is False Knight of the Apocalypse, Iblis but has confirmed that he used Magic World before meeting Iblis. Tsukomo comes off as kind, caring and good-hearted in his first appearance. This is later is revealed to be a ruse when he shows his true nature. Tsukomo is really cunning, manipulative, cruel, cold-hearted and has an extreme hatred of the world. After he is defeated by Gao Mikado, Tsukomo changes to be friendlier but is still cold-hearted, distant and wishes to complete everything alone. As Hades, Tsukomo shows the same personality traits as his true self. Tsukomo wields a Dark Core Deck Case with his Core Gadget becoming a chain that wraps around his entire forearm.


Tsukomo has white colored hair. The right side of his hair appears tame, but it spikes out towards the left side. He also has blood red eyes. In his first appearance, Tsukomo had a thick, orange, lined, turtle-neck with a Buddy Police Symbol that rested over his left breast and pauldrons resting on both shoulders, teal cargo pants, orange fingerless gloves that end on a black strip that reveals his hands, and elbow pads.

Once Tsukomo revealed his true self, his appearance drastically changes. He now wears a black, turtle-neck singlet, black baggy pants, black fingerless gloves and a white wristband in his left wrist. Tsukomo continues to wear this during season 2.

During Season 3, Tsukomo wears a black jacket with white accents, black pants and black shoes.


When first introduced, Tsukomo was friendly, good-hearted and caring. This however was a ruse as in reality, Tsukomo cares very little for others, only forcaring the furthering of his own goals, even manipulating others to get himself out of trouble. He also does hold a very calm persona, never letting his emotions grab hold of him.

After his defeat at the hands of Gao, Tsukomo becomes friendlier to others but still is still cold and distant. He also still upholds his calm persona.


Tsukomo was the heir to a very rich company but it was all taken away from him at a very young age. A house fire burned the entire and everyone in it, everyone except Tsukomo. He was wrong accused for the fire and was put on trial. Even with the people who claimed the young boy's innocence, Tsukomo was sent into segregated prison, becoming isolated from every human around him. This sadness and misery grew into a hatred for all mankind, wishing for revenge and justice. Many years later, Kyoya Gaen visited Tsukomo's cell and freed him. As a form of gratitude, Tsukomo joined Disaster. Realising the power he had, Tsukomo encouraged Kyoya to gather other people and create the Dark Core Deck Cases, manipulating from the shadows and using Kyoya as his scapegoat if everything were to fail. Eventually, Kyoya sent Tsukomo to join the Buddy Police as a double agent and to convert Tasuku Ryuenji.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Combat Skills: Shortly after being freed by Kyoya, Tsukomo trained in martial arts and is a very skilled fighter.

Dark Buddy Skill: Tsukomo's Dark Buddy Skill becomes three dark wings that sit on the left side of his back.

Saxophone: Tsukomo is a master at the saxophone, even having playing it sometimes with Kyoya's organ at one point.