Tachyon World is a Fanon World made by Roxasofmalice. This world is based on machine like buddies created to serve and protect the people. These monsters do not have hearts or wills. They exist to capture and apprehend their criminals. However, not all about Tachyon is friendly.
In many reports from civilians, Tachyon World is dangerous for its Evolutionary tactics as well as beatdown/defense methods depending on Buddy. Their stratagies even copy various world Formations like the ``Gao Formation`` and he Ancient world set up.
Battle these foes wisely.

Playstyle and Deck typesEdit

  • Tachyon Phantom is about the buddy being Aerial Assassin, Tachyon Phantom and evolving him through item based evolution`s. His weapons are more offensive based as his "forms" are based for stronger offensive situations.
  • Tachyon Knight is about the buddy being Noble Android, Tachyon Knight and evolving him through item based evolution`s. His weapons and forms are more defensive as his forms are for tackling strong offensives while keeping the casualties at a minimum through field control and stopping attacks.
  • Tachyon Dragon is all about the buddy Chrono Maelstrom,Tachyon Dragon and his monster destroying abilities. He is similar in idea to an Ancient World monster as he is best used in the center. Tachyon Dragon has very small support in regards to monster help except for Support Unit 02, Tachyon Defense Swarm which is a size 0. This also goes for his Evolution Chrono Maelstrom Overlord, Tachyon Dragon "Ragnarok" as it is more of a solo Power house.
  • Labrys is all about the buddy Prototype Support Unit, Tachyon Labrys and her Support Unit compatibility, She is a size 2 so all the support units work with her, and her ability re-stands units if she is the last to attack. Her deck is the only one able to have a consistent 3 monsters on the field. With her recent Evolution She can get through Shields with consistant damage.
  • The Fixer is all about the buddy Mechanic of Tachyon Machines, The Fixer and his ability to negate size limitations. His abilities allow 2 Support Unit`s at the same time on the field to compensate for his low defense. This is a more power based perspective as you can stack both Double attack units for amazing sweep damage.
  • Phason Knights are all about Adaptability, as each one can be used in various situations. They are the pinnacle of perfection when it involves game changing maneuvers and keeping your opponents guessing what you will do next.

Associated Characters Edit

  • Jonathan "Setsuna" Brindley (Liberation Knights)


Liberation Knights

Phason Knights

Support Units

Tachyon Dragon


Black Dragon
Green Dragon
Mechanical Dragon
Support Unit

Sets containing Tachyon World cards Edit

List of Tachyon World cards Edit

Flags Edit

Items Edit

All Around Support
Tachyonblade Line
For Tachyon Phantom
For Tachyon Knight
 Phason Weapons

Spells Edit

Impacts Edit

Monsters Edit

Size 0 Edit

Liberation Knights
Support Units

Size 1 Edit

All Around Support
Liberation Knights
Phason Knight
Support Unit

Size 2 Edit

Liberation Knights
For Tachyon Phantom
For Tachyon Knight
Phason Knight
Support Units

Size 3 Edit

Liberation Knights
For Phason Knight

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