The wanderer Marie brings her cuteness to Arthur World!!!

On her travels, she is kidnapped due to her low defensive capabilites. She is forced into the Sword Castle affiliation as a slave and given a makeover to fit the Worlds customs. She is then forced to be the medic under the codename ``Harun``. Once their for a little while, many people appreciated her work and powers that she settled in quite well.

She became infatuated with a powerful warrior known as Keeper. His strengh and cool attitude made her fall over heels for him. THey dated for quite a while for a long time and she felt at home. However, Keeper was just using her ot brag and make up a harem of cute girls as Marie is devastated. She then concocted a plan to ruin the womanizing casanova. She arised a amssive army and through the power of her healing and Fire powers, destroyed Keeper.

Keeper was revealed to be a spy of some form of Darkness as Marie leaves Arthur World with new powers in tow. Hoping to discover this darkness.

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