Ragnell Path of Radiance
English: Star Seeker, Sacred Saber
Phonetic: Staru Seeka, Sakureedo Sabar
Type: Item
Power: 7000
Critical: 1
World: Sosa World
Attribute: Star Seeker / Weapon
Flavor Text:
The sword that connects the stars to the planets, its power unfathomable. It`s gift, to give life.
Ability / Effect:
Equip Cost: Pay 1 Life and pay 2 gauge.
"STAR BLAZE" You may discard a <<Star Seeker>> from your hand and [REST] this card, if you do you may destroy a monster on your opponents side of the field. This can only be done once per turn.
``OVERSOUL`` When this card is in [Rest], you may return one card with the "Spirit" attribute from your drop zone to your hand. This can only be done once per turn.
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