Unlimited Bomber is the first Special Trial Deck. Its tagline is "Follow your dreams through sheer FIREPOWER!!"


Card ListEdit

Card no. Name Type World Qty
STD01/0001 Exploder, Loyalty Waiver Monster Fission World 3
STD01/0002 Exploder, King Frost Monster Fission World 3
STD01/0003 Exploder, Master of Bombs, Yggdrasil Monster Fission World 4
STD01/0004 Exploder, King's Ruin Arbos Monster Fission World 4
STD01/0005 Exploder, Great Gale Dragoon Monster Fission World 4
STD01/0006 Exploder, Unlimited Puncher Monster Fission World 3
STD01/0007 Exploder, Protector of Heaven Monster Fission World 4
STD01/0008 Bomb Retrieval Unit Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0009 Powered Custom Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0010 Absolute Destruction Force Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0011 Bounty Hunter's Post Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0012 Gift of the Destruction Blade Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0013 Bomb King's Wrath Spell Fission World 3
STD01/0014 Metal Detecting Bashaa Magnum Item Fission World 4
STD01/0015 Unrivaled Explosion: Fission Break Impact Fission World 4
STD01/0016 Fission World (card) Flag Fission World 1

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