English: Spark Sorcerer, Selkra
Size: 2
Type: Monster
Power: 4000
Critical: 2
Defense: 5000
World: Photon World
Flavor Text:
No flavor text.
Ability / Effect:
When this card is called to the field, you may reveal up to one copy of "Flash Sorcerer, Elros" in your hand to your opponent. Then, activate one of the following effects:

- When there is a copy of "Flash Sorcerer, Elros" on your field or in your hand, this card becomes a Size 1, and gets "Radiant Strike". -When there is not a copy of "Flash Sorcerer, Elros" in your hand or on your field, look at the top 10 cards of your deck, search for a copy of "Flash Sorcerer, Elros", and add it to your hand. "Power of Unity" When this card Link Attacks with a card named "Flash Sorcerer, Elros", this card gets "Flashstrike" until the end of that battle.

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