• Each Picture leads to a corresponding step.

EDIT: IF YOU WANT TO AVOID STEPS 1 AND 2 FOREVER, go to your avatar icon and 4 buttons should appear. Click "My Preferences". Once your on the preferences page, Click the blue button that says "Editing". Click the "Preferred Editor" box and change it to "Source Editor". Once you do that, go to the bottom of the page and click "Save". This will INSTANTLY send you to step 3 every time now.

Step 1: Press the white (Contribute) Button in the top right corner under your profile pic and select the option (Create a Page) (Picture 1)

Step 2: You will be forcibly put into the "Visual Editor" Which is horrible, so once your in that editor, go to the URL or Searchbar and delete the highlighted letters from the url. Then Reload the page by clicking ENTER on your Keyboard (Picture 2)

Step 3: Once you are on the page that resembles (Picture 3) you will have 2 options in the top right corner. Click the Source button to go into the Source mode of the classic Editor

Step 4: Once in the Source Mode, go on another tab to the Official Buddyfight Wikia and find a random card of the TYPE you need. (Picture 4) EXAMPLE HERE is a monster. You then go click the Red down arrow next to the edit button and Click "CLassic Editor" (If it loads a puzzle piece in the white box on your screen, that means your in visual and should repeat step 3)

Step 5: Copy all that code from the official Wikia (Picture 5) so you can copy it over to the page you still have open on Fanon.

Step 6: Once you pasted the card info in, Delete all the Information portions but leave everything as shown above (Picture 6) In since you need to keep those so the website knows where to put what in.

Step 7: Press Preview Desktop to make sure it looks Perfect and when it Does, click Publish



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