Monster Rules

"Monster" is one of the card types in Future Card Buddyfight. They are the main cards used to fight the opponent.

Monster Card's partsEdit

  • Card name: The monster's name
  • World name: The World which the monster belongs to.
  • Attribute: Additional category to classify monsters, some abilities affect monsters from specific attributes.
  • Size: The combined size of your monsters in the field cannot exceed 3, however you may still call Size 0 monsters even if you reach the size 3 limit. Example: You can have a size 1 and size 2 monster on the field (1 + 2 = 3) but not 2 size 2 monsters (2 + 2 = 4). The higher the size, the higher the monster's overall power. The monsters' size and your field's size limit can be altered with card abilities.
  • Power: The monster's attacking power.
  • Defense: The monster's defensive power.
  • Critical: Amount of damage monsters can deal to the opponent's life points.
  • Ability: What the monsters use to affect the game, some monsters may not have abilities. If a monster has "Call Cost", means that you must pay the cost written in order to call it from the hand.
  • Soul: Cards placed behind the monsters. The soul is commonly used to pay costs for abilities such as Soulguard.
  • Flavor text: A commentary about the monster in the artwork. Some cards do not have Flavor Text

Credit for this page goes to the Buddyfight Wiki's Monsters page.