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Welcome to the Future Card Buddyfight Fanon WikiEdit

This fanon is based on the trading card game by Bushiroad, Future Card Buddyfight. And this site is designed to let fans of Buddyfight express their creative ideas to others. You can also post Fanfiction if you want to, and create your own characters, worlds, spells, impacts, and cards by creating pages which will expand this wiki. Just have fun on here and if you need any help, address the founder or any of the admins.

Express your ideas!Edit

Find the Contribute button in the top right, click it and choose Add a Page, choose a Blank Page. Name your page and continue with the 'Add a Page' button. 

How to Make Cards

Get to it!

Got everything down? If so, then start creating! Worlds, Cards, Characters, Booster Sets, Trial Decks and more!

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