"Dual Weapon" ((そう)()() Sōbuki) is a keyword that allows you to use simultaneously use 2 items at any given time. Any user can use this keyword for their cards.

Latest Reminder Text Edit

[Dual Weapon]: You now have 2 "Item Slots". You can equip 1 item that is originally an Item card to each slots, with each item having different name, and both items have no more than 8 size! (The size of an item is calculated by the formula "Original Critical + (Original Power + Original Defense)/1000"). If you equip a card that does not meet the condition, you cannot use [Dual Weapon]

Rulings Edit

  1. You now have 2 "Item Slots" - The "Left Slot" and The "Right Slot". With each slot positioned at the respective upper corner of the flag.
  2. You cannot equip 2 items with the same name with Dual Weapon.
  3. Items equipped to each slots cannot have more than 8 Size. e.g. Dragonblade, Dragobrave has 5000 Power and 3 critical, its size is "[(5000+0)/1000] + 3" = "5000/1000 + 3" = 5 + 3 = 8.
    • If you use an effect to increase the Power/Defense so the calculated value is greater than 8, disregard Ruling 2.
  4. Any items whose size is greater than the limit will take up both slots. 
  5. Items equipped are separate cards. You can separately attack with them. Or Link attack with them.
  6. If equipping an item, you must equip it in an open slot, if able.
  7. If both of your slot are occupied, you are now [Dual Weapon] with those weapon.
  8. You cannot move your items between both slot.
  9. In case of an inappropriate equip (Ride, Transform, Station, or oversized items). Only 1 items, or by the standard rule, can be equipped.
  10. If an effect allows you to equip an additional item: You must equip it in one of the occupied slot. (If that card is an Item card, equip it to the same slot as that Item)
    • Even if you have 2 items equipped, if you did not equip it to the 2 slots, you are not yet [Dual Weapon].
    • If you equipped two items in the same slot, and the sum of those card's size become more than the limit, disregard Ruling 3.
    • If those items have the same name, disregard Ruling 3.
  11. Dual Weapon does not stack. Disregare all but one Dual Weapon active at a time.