English: Chaos Legend X
Type: Spell
World: Generic
Attribute: Forbidden Card
Flavor Text:
Containing the code to the entire multiverse, this wondrous power is unlike any other, capable of creating any wish and wonder, and can better the whole universe... or destroy it.
Ability / Effect:
[Forbidden] (Only one copy of this card may be in a deck)

You may only cast this card if you have 3 or less life. As long as one of the effects of this card is active, you cannot lose despite being at 0 life or lower. However, at the end of your next turn, you lose the game. When you cast this card, choose up to one of your monsters, then sacrifice the rest of them, and activate one of these effects: "X Devastator" If you have two or less cards in your hand, draw 2 cards and those cards cannot be used for the rest of the game. Then, choose up to one of your monsters, place this card into that monster's soul, and it gets Power+5000, and "X Attack" ([Cast Cost] Pay 1 gauge, discard one card, and lose 1 life] At the end of a battle which this monster attacks, you may [Stand] it.). That monster also is unable to be destroyed by the effects of spells.

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