"Catventurer World" is one of the playable worlds in Future Card BuddyFight. This world is themed after cats and what They're capable of in an adventure.

Playstyle Edit

This world focuses on Monsters with not much power, but with wild card abilities to strike the opponents, if used at the right timing.

Cards Edit

Flag Edit

  • Catventurer Flag

Items Edit

  • Obsidian Claws
  • Diamond Fangs

Spells Edit

  • Pharaoh's Desires

Impacts Edit

  • Berserk Charge

Monsters Edit

Size 0 Edit

  • Acrobatic Abyssinian
  • Shrinking Singapura

Size 1 Edit

  • Horrifying Highlander
  • Bird-Calling Chantilly
  • Rat-Faced Korat
  • Singing Scottish-fold
  • Tailless Traveler
  • Siamese Buccaneers Ne & Ko

Size 2 Edit

  • Were-Cat Lykoi
  • Ragdoll Renegade
  • Seafaring Corsair Turkish-Van
  • Siamese Swashbucklers Ne & Ko

Size 3 Edit

  • Siamese Marauders Ne & Ko
  • Ragdoll Ruffian