Any user can create a card named after him or herself using this card. Be sure to name it as " "You" Yourself/(your own name)".

English: "You" Yourself
Kanji: 「君」自身
Kana: 「きみ」じしん
Phonetic: "Kimi" Jishin
Size: 0
Type: Monster
Power: 0
Critical: 1
Defense: 0
Attribute: Player / Thunder Empire / Chaos
Flavor Text:
It's me on the stage!
Ability / Effect:
Before the game, put this card face-up on the field. (Not in the Monster areas!)

You may have this card be named anything, and this card is usable with all flag!! But it cannot be your buddy.
This card is treated as a card on your field, it cannot be attacked, and is unaffected by other cards.
"Overturn" [Usable during your turn] Search your deck for one card with the same name as your buddy, and put it into your hand!!
"Overkill" [Usable during the Final Phase] Search your deck for one Impact card, and put it into your hand!!

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