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• 10/1/2017

Where do I put a non-world flag card?

Hey, random question from random idiot. As you can see above this, I need to know where I would put a special flag card. I have an idea for one, but I don't want to create it until I know the pages that I'd have to update with it. Also, it should be noted that with this flag would come a new attribute, unless someone else has already taken it, and I most likely won't be updating regularly due to different reasons. The main reasons being lack of ideas for cards at the moment, needing to update my Vanguard fanon clan, and whatever stops me IRL. If you do let me know though, it would be greatly appreciated. Bye, and have a nice day. :)
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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/1/2016

A Pirate's Life For Buddyfight

One day, there was an orange-haired boy who walked past a street with an orange Dragon beside him. The boy walked to a pirate ship filled with pirates and said,"Ahoy, mateys! Wanna Buddyfight with me, ye landlubbers?".
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• 5/18/2015

[Roleplay] Buddyfight: Starry Skies the Reboot!

The year is 2038, Chotokyo Japan. The Streets are bustling with people, as shops are opened selling Takoyaki and cards from store to store. its a gigantic place of spectacle and wonder. Kids to Adults playing cardgames throughout the World, but the biggest game of all is Buddyfight. Buddyfight is the biggest game in the world as well as other Worlds. This World connects to other Parallel Worlds. The sky looking beautifully as Humans and Monsters work as one. As a boy walks through the streets, his hand in his pockets. He passes by a stream of On sale TV`s telling the news
"Today is amazingly Sunny! No Clouds in the sky until 9:00 PM So make sure you enjoy the suns Rays"
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• 4/21/2015

[Roleplay] BF: Starry Skies

(Um have the actual roleplay here.)
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• 4/21/2015

[Info] Futurecard Buddyfight: Starry Skies

NOTE: This is a roleplay alright! So please read this before doing anything.
One night the sky was filled with stars thr brightest and most beautiful one anyone has seen. And then in a flash hundreds of stars fell from the heavens to the earth and landed in various places and when the people tried to approach the fallen stars. They turned into blank buddyfight cards.

People took then stars that fell and created unique and special cards and soon many of them were top fighters.
So that is the backstory to this. Anyways incase you didnt understand it well. Bascially one day stars fell from the skies and were blank cards that ppl used to create unique cards.
Anyways this roleplay is about those special cards that hold many secrets that can be unlocked.
So here you may use fanmade worlds and cards but you are required to have a unique card that only you may use (for now). Please keep in mind to go along with this as I actually have a story.
So if you are interested in this please reply with the following info that is needed.

Allignment (This will affect your role in the story as something might happen to characters of a crtain allignment. Good, Neutral, or Bad. The selected one also adds an attribute to your unique card. Good = Heavenly Stars. Neutral = Fallen Stars. Bad = Corrupted Stars)
World (If you play Generic mainly or a deck with a Special Flag please be say so. These can use cards from different worlds since they arent limited.)
Unique Card (This is needed for the roleplay. Imagine like making a card as Tasuku and Gao have)
Backstory/Personality (Optional)
Now here are a few things about the roleplay and the cards. These Star cards have special traits. More about that later. And the Cards are usually a representation of its owner/creator. The cards in normal games are like regular cards but in special games both player's unique cards are at stake. There is also a evil organization out to hunt down every last one of the Star Cards.
Okay so thats it.
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• 10/17/2014


Just pretty much testing out how the whole Forum thing works, see if its any good.
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